Escape Tirpitz
Difficulty Duration Age
2 - 6 Persons
Escape Tirpitz

The year is 1945 and Batterie Vogelnest, better known as the Tirpitz position, is almost ready. You have 60 minutes to find and solve the tasks and help the Danish resistance movement to find the secret plans and escape before the prisoner transport arrives.

You can play the room in English

Under the sand
Difficulty Duration Age
2 - 6 Persons
Under the sand

The war is over - and the German troops in Denmark have been ordered to march back to Schleswig. About 1,000 soldiers must clean up after themselves - and remove the mines they have laid out. But they would rather go home to the family - but the escape goes through a minefield.

You can play the room in English

2 persons
500 dkk.
3 persons
600 dkk.
4 persons
700 dkk.
5 persons
800 dkk.
6 persons
900 dkk.

What is a
Escape Room?

Whether you are experienced or completely new to Escape Rooms, we are convinced that the experience can awaken something in you!

Our Escape Rooms are captivating historical live games. You are 2-6 people who are locked inside a room, where you have to work together to solve tasks and puzzles to get out of the room again. Gamemaster introduces you to the room and story, after which the door closes behind you and the time begins to count down. The game is now underway and you must throw yourself into working together to get out before time runs out. This is where your ability to work together and creativity really comes into play.

At Escape History House, we take historical events as our starting point when we create our Escape Room, so in addition to a fantastic experience, you also get some historical knowledge to take home. Your experience is in focus with us, and who knows maybe you will discover some new side of yourself.

Illuminati Hytten
Difficulty Duration Age
2 - 4 Persons
Illuminati Hytten

The Freemason lodge has been infiltrated by the illuminate. But who is the mole? Lodge brother Lord Imbert from Scotland Yard is on the trail, but he needs your help.

Your team has been selected to assist and must move into Freemason's secret cabin. You have a full 20 hours to rescue the Freemason from the Illumanites. But beware, someone is watching.

You can play the room in English

Who are we?

At History Escape House, we have developed two gripping historic Escape Rooms inspired by historical events - and a new Illuminati Escape Room with accommodation - the Illuminati Cabin. Our Escape Rooms have different themes, so you can easily visit them all. We believe in promoting the good story rather than the horror that is often associated with Escape Rooms.

We are a family with a great passion for Escape Rooms and have over time tried many different types of Escape Rooms across the globe. We have been responsible for building our Escape Rooms. We want to give people of all ages a captivating experience and open up a world of mystery, fun and collaboration. You will find us in Oksbøl, 30 min from Esbjerg, at Baunhøjvej 38, DK-6840 Oksbøl.

Travellers Choice 2021

The hosts were welcoming and received nicely. Good for starting the game up, with a good story as an introduction. Good setup. Very family friendly. Recommendable.
They have really mastered communicating Escape Rooms! Really nice and complete experience! Definitely worth a visit!
Absolutely terrific and a bit anxiety-provoking. We ended up grabbing them both (had only ordered one) as the adrenaline just pumped out of there. Someone in the herd had tried it 5 times before on Zealand and she gives it top marks!