Illuminati Cabin
Age Duration

Illuminati Cabin

The Freemason lodge has been infiltrated by the illuminati. But who is the mole? Lodge brother Lord Imbert from Scotland Yard is on the trail, but he needs your help.

Your team has been selected to assist and must move into Freemason's secret cabin. You have a full 20 hours to rescue the Freemason from the Illumanities. But beware, someone is watching. You can play the room in English.
Do you dare stay overnight in this Escape Room ?


Price per person
2 Persons 1.900 dkk.
3 Persons 1.600 dkk.
4 Persons 1.400 dkk.
Including accommodation, food, snacks
and drinks

The story behind

The first Freemasons were a group of Knights Templar who escaped the annihilation of their order in the 14th century. That's how one of the most popular myths about the origins of the Masonic lodge goes. The lost Templars have always fascinated people. Occult and mysterious with secret treasures and dark rituals. However, there is no indication of a historical connection between the Templars and the Freemasons.

The 'free masons' were ordinary masons who specialized in building large, clerical buildings such as cathedrals or cathedrals. But due to the Freemasons' secrecy, and the fact that many politically important men have been Freemasons since the 18th century, many legends about Freemasons conspiracies, etc. have been produced.

Freemasonry is one of the oldest non-denominational fraternities in the world. The fraternity has had members such as: Winston Churchill, Wolfgang Amadeus Mozart, George Washington, and many Danish kings have been members.

The Illuminati arose when Europe's wisest minds secretly prepared to establish a society without a king and a church. The idea was life-threatening, and the Illuminati was quickly banned. This secret society was originally formed in 1776 and dissolved in 1784 or did they now?


Practical information

The cabin sleeps 4 - 1 room with a double bed, 1 room with a bunk bed and a bathroom with toilet and shower. The beds are ready for you upon arrival.

For 5 people, contact Escape History House and hear about the possibilities.

We recommend a minimum age of approx. 15 years.

All food and drink is available in the cabin - Beer, wine, water, juice tea and coffee. Afternoon coffee, snacks, breakfast with rolls. Dinner choose between Pizza, pasta or salad.

There is no gamemaster and surveillance in the cabin.

There is an opportunity to get clues, but if you are ready for a challenge, you have time here to solve all the tasks without hints.

The game often takes between 6-12 hours, so there is also time for fun, eating and sleeping.

Rebooking or cancellation up to 6 weeks before arrival costs 500 DKK. In case of rebooking or cancellation less than 6 weeks before arrival, no compensation will be provided.

More information will be sent via e.g. email from Freemason Headquarters.

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