Escape 1945
Age Duration Difficulty

Escape 1945

The room was formerly called Land of Mines.

The war is over - and the German troops in Denmark have been ordered to march back to Schleswig. About 1,000 soldiers must clean up after themselves - and remove the mines they have laid out. But they would rather go home to the family - but the escape goes through a minefield.

You can play the room in English


Price per person
2 Persons
325 dkk.
3 Persons
265 dkk.
4 Persons
240 dkk.
5 Persons
215 dkk.
6 Persons
200 dkk.

The story behind

From the spring of 1942 until the liberation, the German military was increasingly preparing to defend itself against Allied landings from the west. From the North Cape in the north to the border between France and Spain in the south, a huge fortification shot up at a renewed pace: the Atlantic Wall.

In Denmark, the occupying forces regarded Jutland's west coast as the most obvious target for an Allied landing, and the construction of thousands of defense bunkers in the Danish part of the Atlantic Wall took off.

At the same time, the German occupying forces laid out millions of land and sea mines along the shores of the North Sea and the Atlantic Ocean.

The landmine fields formed a belt along the Danish west coast and, together with barbed wire barriers and concrete bunkers, were an important part of the German defense strategy against an Allied landing..

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